Is 2X hot and spicy Noodles really hot?

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Having tasted the spicy noodle that is available in almost all parts of Nepal, Gazzabko Piro is one of the most popular spicy noodle that is best in taste and your pocket.

Harry Jaggard, an England YouTuber who loves exploring different places. He recently had been to Nepal and During his stay in Nepal, He tasted Gazzabko Piro Noodle at Pokhara with some local people.

He stated, “It reminded him of the Super noodles but a lot spicer and tastier than those.”

A Nepali girl, Susmita helped him cook the noodle. She just boils the noodles and strain them and add the spices and chilly oil into the noodle then the noodle is ready.

He tasted the noodle and stated that it was spicy yet delicious. At first, he felt the burn of the spice in his mouth and then his throat, and when he completed a bowl of noodles, he could feel the spicy and hotness in his whole body. He had to take some sugar to calm down his spicy feeling.

All say “Seeing is believing” but we say “Tasting is believing” just go to your nearest store and try your own experience of Gazzabko Piro noodles. It is the spiciest and tastiest experience at just Rs. 20. It is really Hot and Spicy.

Have you tasted it yet?